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We are a coalition of organizations and individuals working to change unsafe, unfair, and unjust parole policies. This site is a starting point for you to take action, gather information, and stay informed. Together we can pass the SAFE Parole Act!

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The death of John MacKenzie at the hands of the New York State Parole Board will not be in Vain!
Parole Justice New York joined with many other organizations to host joint demonstrations in New York City and Alb...
July 9th Elders in Prison Event (Queens, NY)
Beyond Attica
A YouTube video, Community Building Event & Speak-out to Close Attica
Robert Seth Hayes 2016 Parole Campaign
Sign the online petition for parole for Robert Seth Hayes
Tavis Smiley Show
Max Kenner, founder of the Bard College prison education initiative, and George Chochos who graduated from the program, appeared on the March 3rd Tavis Smiley Show.
Do you know a child whose parent is in prison?
Pamela Brunskill has written a review of books that would have helped her when she was growing up with a father in prison and no one with whom she felt safe talking to about it.
Two important recent New York State judicial decisions in Article 78 parole denial appeals help to expose the lawlessness of the Parole Board in denying parole with no justifiable reason. Here are excerpts from those decisions.
Support The Phoenix Players Theatre Group!
Check out the The Phoenix Players Theater Group--a project inside the walls of Auburn Prison that is building possibilities for the men inside.
Solving the Crisis of Aging in Prison: A Collaborative Report
From Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP): That the population of older people behind bars is a national crisis is not news. For almost a decade, reports have shown that as overall prison population numbers increase, the number of incarcerated people over the age of 50 increases at a mu...
Family Empowerment Tour is coming to Rochester on October 17th
A Presentation and Training with Parole Justice NY Join us for one or both parts of this event challenging the New York Parole System.
netWORKS, the monthly column of the New York State Prisoner Justice Network
Published in Building Bridges on July 5, 2015 Take action to pass the Safe and Fair Evaluations (S.A.F.E.) Parole Act! Where criminal justice reform stands: As this year’s session of the New York State Legislature closes, it is clear that reform of ...