Prison Ecology Project

The mission of the Prison Ecology Project is to map the intersections of mass incarceration and environmental degradation, and create action plans to address the multitude of problems found there.

The PE project addresses issues such as: damage of sewage and industrial waste from overpopulated and under-regulated prisons into to water ways; threats to listed species by the ongoing construction and operation of prisons in remote, environmentally-sensitive rural areas; and environmental justice concerns regarding prisoners, staff and surrounding communities.


Recent News

Over 130 Organizations Challenge EPA to Consider Prisoners in Environmental Justice Plan
Prison Ecology Project and friends at EPA offices in D.C., June 10, 2016
Washington, D.C. – The Human Rights Defense Center (HRDC) submitted a public comment to the Environmental Protection Agency today that provides input on the agency’s final draft of the EJ 2020 Action Agenda...
Fighting Toxic Prisons: Reflections and Next Steps from the June 11 Convergence in D.C.
FTP march 2016 DC
from First off, a huge “Thank You” to the folks that helped make the convergence last month happen. There are ...
Convergence on Toxic Prisons begins this weekend in D.C.
In just 2 days, we will converge in DC to network, organize and take action against the toxic prison system.
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Activists Protest Rural Prison Building
Politicians want to open a new federal prison in rural Kentucky. These activists have better ideas.
Prison Ecology Project
If you live or work in or near a prison, jail or detention facility that is a source of contamination in your community, please get in touch with us. Thank you....
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