Release Aging People in Prison

RAPP ( promotes the release of people in New York State prisons who are over age 50, have served considerable time, and pose no threat to public safety. We urge the governor and other policy-makers to use existing mechanisms—parole, compassionate release, and clemency— to release these elders, and to pass the S.A.F.E. Parole Act to increase parole release rates for everyone.

Come to our monthly meeting in NYC: WEDNESDAY, December 7, 2016 • 6:00-8:15 pm •  6 to 8 pm (with pizza and soda)

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The 13th Amendment
"It is time for the U.S. to recognize not only our ugly past, but our ugly present..."
RAPP Slogan, "If the Risk is Low, Let Them Go," makes a good headline!

“If the Risk is Low, Let Them Go” —by Renee Feltz, the Indypendent

How a man who served 33 years on a 15-to-life sentence is pushing New York’s intransigent parole board to release violent offenders who have aged out of crime, the fastest growing segment of ...
Elder Mohaman Koti dies after release from prison
Mohaman Koti in May, 2016, shortly after his release from prison, NY
RAPP mourns the passing of Mohaman Koti
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Women in need of freedom: Eraina Pretty, 56, incarcerated in Maryland
The Maryland Parole Commission recommended Eraina for release. That recommendation was denied in 2011.
Help Push the NYS Parole Board Closer to Justice

Fueled by our grief over the death of John MacKenzie in his 40th year in prison and after his 10th parole denial, we must now puShare RAPP Stories

The RAPP Campaign invites you to add your story about aging behind bars. Speak from the heart. Share your experience.
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