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April 21, 2015
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Storybank March 13, 2015
Posted by Panagioti

How Big Banks Turn Prisons into Profit Centers

"Until these banks find a way to make money on the rehabilitation of people, and not the incarceration," former prisoner Greg Cavaluzzi warns, "this will continue."

Storybank September 17, 2014
Posted by virginiacure

In Virginia, Fast Cars Land You Behind Bars

Patrick George, Senior staff writer for, shares his personal experience of a 3 day stay at a Virginia Jail. Mr George was able to glimpse into what we at Virginia CURE know far too well; our Commonwealth's tough on crime stance creates a Kafkaesque experience for citizens who err when caught in our legal system. Virginia CURE thanks Mr. George for the permission to share his story. Incarceration can happen to us all.

Storybank July 8, 2014
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Plenary 2 - Disenfranchisement and the Movement for Democracy


Mass incarceration threatens democracy. Susan Engh, Heather Ann Thompson, Kara Gotsch, Eric Meter, James Giles, Desmond Meade

Storybank October 6, 2013
Posted by Galen

An Undergraduate’s Case Against Closing Danbury

Will has spent time every weekend for his past 3 years as a student at Yale tutoring youth in a Connecticut Correctional Facility for juveniles. Will writes about how that experience has shown him the importance of family connections for those in criminal justice system, and makes the case to go much further than just keeping Danbury open, to embrace alternative sentencing that allows families to stay together.

Storybank August 16, 2013
Posted by Galen

Mental Health Providers in Texas Prisons | A Culture of Bias Persists


Dan, a CURE member in TX who was locked up for 35 years' legally adopted a youngman named Jesse while they were both in the system. Dan is white and Jesse is African-American. Here, Dan writes a poignant account of the way bias continues to exist in Texas.

Storybank June 20, 2013
Posted by Vikki

Three generations in one prison nursery program


Tammie spent her daughter's childhood in and out of jail and prison. Her pregnant daughter arrived at the prison where Tammie was incarcerated. Here, Tammie describes her experience on the prison nursery with her daughter and newborn grandson.

Storybank May 28, 2013
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Storybank March 11, 2013
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Stained: An Intimate Portrayal of State Violence


Stained is a performance art piece directed and produced by Patrisse Cullors. This piece asks us to look at the ways incarceration and state violence affect not only those inside the jails, but those of us on the outside who in some way must acknowledge or dissociate from the impacts of state violence.

Storybank January 14, 2013
Posted by Vikki

Alise’s story (part 1)


Alise shares her experiences of being pregnant while in and out of jail. She notes that the only prenatal care that she ever received was within the jail system and that the judgmental attitude of the medical staff reinforced her belief of herself as "a worthless human being." (Her story is continued in part 2)

Storybank October 6, 2011
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Breaking the Cycle


Juan spent Ā½ of his adult life incarcerated and talks about the obstacles he has been able to overcome to break the cycle of incarceration.