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Missing property
Jim was sent to VCBR this summer. His second box of property has never been given to him. Either the prison never sent it or VCBR is holding it.
Reframing Barriers
I am very honored to work for an organization whose mission is to end homelessness in the DMV. Homelessness often coexists with employment barriers, such as mental illness, addiction, and previous incarceration. Our employment center embraces a person-centered employment first model to facilitate participant stability. Employment First assumes that every participant is employable and has […]
denied use of JP5 player
A man went to VCBR this summer from a prison. The prisons make available for purchase JP5 players. He brought it with him, but they said he couldn’t have it because it had a USB port. The prison allowed them!!
Thoughts from one detained in a civil commitment facility
I feel like I am walking on egg shells 3 feet thick. We are under the microscope 24/7. The treatment process is like brainwashing. They want to lay you down, cut you open, then scrape everything that’s inside out. Then they want to put back in what they want to be there. You fight to […]
Lawsuit, Ballot Initiative Seek to Reform Felon Disenfranchisement in Florida | Prison Legal News
In 1868, in response to the abolition of slavery following the Civil War (except for prisoners), Florida enshrined in its constitution the permanent disenfranchisement of people convicted of a felony. The deprivation of felons’ voting rights was combined with Black Codes that criminalized offenses state lawmakers believed were mostly committed by blacks, as a means […]
Our Deeply Flawed Civil Commitment System | Cato Institute
David Prescott acknowledges that sexual offender civil commitment has many inherent problems. If we’re going to lock someone up, we must be sure that it’s for a good reason. Yet even by these programs’ stated rationales, governments might do better with a less restrictive means of treatment. Surprisingly, this appears true even for high-risk offenders. […]
Texas Uses Failed Private Prison to Hold Civilly Committed Sex Offenders | Prison Legal News
In 2015, Texas converted its outpatient program for civilly committed sex offenders into a “tiered” treatment program, in which participants start out in a “total confinement facility” at twice the cost of the original program. The state awarded Correct Care Solutions a $24 million contract to provide housing and treatment at the Texas Civil Commitment […]
Questionable Commitments | Cato Institute
    Civil commitment is the legal practice of holding individuals who suffer from severe mental illness so that they may receive treatment. Even within its traditional bounds, civil commitment was problematic enough. But in recent years, civil commitment has expanded significantly. Now, young people who commit a sexual offense early in their lives stand […]
The Rise of the Preventative State | Cato Institute
Pre-crime isn’t science fiction, says Eric Janus. It’s our system of civil commitment. The problems are simply stated: Civil commitment moves from punishing a specific act toward punishing a type of person. This approach to justice rarely works out in practice, as members of marginalized groups typically find that they can’t possibly clear their own […]
Let’s Stamp Out Perversion | Cato Institute
Amanda Pustilnik draws a sharp contrast between civil commitment as it is practiced for the severely mentally ill — and the utterly different system that has been imposed on sex offenders. The latter system she terms “a perversion,” one that both destroys civil liberties and stigmatizes the treatment of genuinely mentally ill individuals. Genuine civil […]