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Women in Need of Freedom: The Women of the MOVE 9
The seven remaining members of the MOVE 9 -- Debbie Sims Africa, Janet Hollaway Africa, Janine Phillips Africa, Delbert Orr Africa, Michael Davis Africa, Charles Sims Africa, and Edward Goodman Africa -- have been incarcerated since 1980.
Lois Farquharson, 91: A Woman in Need of Freedom
RAPP mourns the passing of Dr. Lois Farquharson
Dr. Lois Farquharson, 91: A Woman in Need of Freedom
At the age of 91, Dr. Lois J. Farquharson is believed to be the oldest woman incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  She uses a wheelchair and experiences memory lapses from mild dementia.  Jane Keller, who has visited her monthly in prison for over twenty-five years, describes her as “compassionate, intelligent, well-educated, witty and gifted.”  Keller, a Quaker […]
Elders in Need of Freedom: Sundiata Acoli, 80 Years Old
     One of the U.S.’s longest-held political prisoners, Sundiata Acoli was denied release again on November 21, 2016, and ordered to wait 15 years before another parole hearing. Sundiata is 80 years old. Born in 1937 as Clark Edward Squire in Decatur, Texas, Sundiata earned a B.S. in mathematics and worked for various computer […]
“The 13th Amendment,” by Grace Masback
By Grace Masback, DC RAPP Intern  December 6, 1865 is a classic date in American history. After four years of a destructive civil war and more than two centuries of slavery, the country took steps to move toward a more free and equal future by ratifying the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The 13th Amendment, which […]