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8,786 Petition Signatures so far — thanks to NAACP Youth for a big contribution of 646 Jobs NOT Jail
Individuals in Texas Prisons Fasting in Solidarity with Rally Participants
The Texas Families for Justice Rally in Austin, Texas clearly won't be just any rally. This is the beginning of a strong movement in Texas, where the voices of those most impacted by the criminal justice system will be heard loud and clear.
SB 250 Employment applications; inquiries regarding criminal arrests, charges, or convictions.
CALL, WRITE, EMAIL, FAX TODAY IN SUPPORT OF "SB 250 Employment applications; inquiries regarding criminal arrests, charges, or convictions." Let your legislators know you are a Member of the Community Restoration Campaign for "fair and commonsense laws" -- Thank you Lillie (Ms. K)
THE MOBILE JUSTICE TOUR PRESENTS: Ending Mass Incarceration & Successful Re-entry
Do you care about the restoration of civil rights, fair access to employment, or learning about how effective Virginia's criminal justice system actual is? The Mobile Justice Tour is coming to a town near you!
Back by Popular Demand, 10-City Tour Calls for Overhaul of Virginia’s Justice System
The Mobile Justice Tour, re-launches on Saturday, December 14, with a focus on three key issues: civil rights restoration for citizens with felony convictions, removing questions about an applicant’s criminal background from initial employment forms, and sentencing reform to end mass incarceration in Virginia.
MJT: Harrisonburg – Tuesday December 17, 2013 6pm-8-pm (Flyer)
Hi Everyone, The MJT will be in Harrisonburg following up from our last event. Please note the Time Change to 6pm-8pm to accommodate families, friends and allies. We have so much to share with you as we continue the movement, reducing crime and reducing recidivism/re-incarceration. Help pass commonsense laws in Virginia.
Saturday Dec. 14th 10am – Danville: Mass Incarceration/Successful Reentry
Join Us, when the Mobile Justice Tour Team comes to Danville Virginia to follow-up on justice-related issues and provide on-site direct services. Restoration of Rights Application/Filing Assistance, Ban-the-Box Employment Application Reform and Mass Incarceration. Event is Free and Open to Public
CRC member participates in Virginia Justice System: Expensive, Ineffective and Unfair
November, 2013 the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) published their findings regarding "Virginia' justice system is expensive, ineffective and inequitable. Despite some recent small progress the areas of post-incarceration reentry, particularly felony disenfranchisement, the state continues to suffer under misguided policies and practices of the past."
New Member Spotlight – Meet Josh Diaz
At 22, Josh is one of our youngest and newest EPOCA members...