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The spark is catching. Read this powerful organizing appeal from a person living behind the walls in Minnesota and learn what Just future is doing to help. At Just Future Project we believe that the people closest to the problem are closest to the solution, but furthest from power and opportunity. We are trying to balance the scales by connecting advocates living on the registry or working from the inside with tools to create change. 

Our hats off to Cyrus Gladden for writing this compelling call to action. The appeal below is written to other people living behind the walls in Minnesota.  Click here to add your name to our list to receive emails with more information about advocating for change in Minnesota. 

Appeal for Those You Know To Form an Advocacy Group Opposing Our MSOP Confinement


By Cyrus Gladden, with editorial advice and approval by: Lincoln Brown, Dan Wilson, Merl Bishop, Bob Kunshier, and Peter Allen


Almost all of the 20 states having sex offender commitment laws have organizations (family and friends of the committed and others) opposed to such commitment laws – except Minnesota. We have the most committed sex offenders per capita in the entire country, and the longest commitment lockup time.

Why should this be? Is there such exceptional hatred and panicked, unreasoning fear of past sex offenders in this state that even your loved ones won’t rise against this outrageous injustice– just extra added incarceration?

Or are Minnesotans really so gullible that they unquestioningly accept anything any official tells them?

Or have they swallowed the lie that you are sick, out of control, and “need” to be locked up?

Or is it the embarrassment of a husband, father, son, or friend sent to this death-camp-on-the-installment-plan?

Take heart in this: Contrary to what ‘they’ would have you believe, we have many on our side. However, these allies simply don’t know what to do about MSOP or how to go about it.

Each one here[at MSOP] knows only those who care about him not those caring for others here. Partly, we are victims of our own privacy.

As long as we[who are living behind the walls] decline to share this information with anyone else here to enable the creation of an organization of willing outsiders, we will die here. Rest assured: the system already knows enough about you[the prisoner-patient] to carefully craft believable lies about your past and to claim that you admitted it all. You have already lost the privacy that matters.

Recent judicial events tell us that political action is needed  – action we have no power to wield from in here.

We need a strong and well-populated advocacy organization on the outside to rise to our defense, insisting that this commitment program be ended and that all of us be sent home. [Thats what Just Future project is all about!]

It’s time to ask yourself, what do you want?  – A private death here, or an serious shot at freedom through collective publicly visible efforts by those who care about us and are in the real world, where they can do meaningful, impactful things to bring about our liberation? If your answer is for freedom, read on.

As long as people in open society believe the lies about us and about MSOP, they will remain indifferent to this horrible situation.


We must get our truth out to the general public, and to the media [see our PRESS section], and ultimately to the politicians[see our TAKE ACTION tab with petitions and letter writing campaigns targeting elected officials] with power to end all this evil. Time and again, history shows that average citizens, in numbers and in sufficient[ly], coordinated action, have the power to create change. It is our responsibility to ensure that this can happen for us.

We are now striving to form an education and advocacy organization to put the outrageous injustice of SPP/SDP commitment[notorious Minnesota pre-crime preventative detention system] and MSOP under the hot spotlight-glare of truth and to keep them there. This can work a true change of public opinion by ripping the mask off all the lying propaganda against us. This will expose the claimed grounds for our supplemental incarceration )so-called commitment) as utterly baseless. All those who conceived and engineered this villainy to victimize us must be thrown of of office on their ears, and replaced with sane and reasonable representatives and officials working resolutely to bring this monstrosity known as SPP/SDP commitment and MSOP to an early and complete end.

The sad truth is that the public has become brainwashed about us. They don’t see us as people, but our loved ones do. They know our strengths and our aspirations. They know the good we are capable of and they know that we do not belong here. These are the ones we must urge to stand up for us.

I am in contact with one Minnesotan who seeks to create such an organization to politically bring down MSOP and the governmental tyranny it stands for. However, as dedicated as she is, she cannot do this alone.

Are any of your family member(s) or friend(s) motivated to help you? If any of your family and/or any of your friends have expressed frustration and anger about your captivity, let me know. Are any of these people willing to join with others to work for your liberation? If so, then by all means call them or write to them, asking them to do so.

Then please give me names and contact data of all people you know willing to join such an organized effort. Please write this information down, type it, or entire it in a PC file and print it out, and then give it to me personally. Do not send this by ‘Green Mail’. [This is an internal message system for MSOP prisoners] 

I will not personally contact any of these people. I will simply draw all of these personal lists together and send all of this information to the dedicated lady I mentioned above. She will then contact each of them to see what their personal abilities are and then ask them assist in the various tasks needed to create a powerful political force to advocate an immediate end to MSOP commitment, including freeing all of us.

What is your life in freedom worth? At least a few letters and/or phone calls — any earnest request(s) to those who care about you? Be your own best advocate, so others with more ability will too. Act like your future depends on it. It does.

Digital Version of Cyrus Gladden Letter

Scanned Original Cyrus Gladden Letter