Campaign to End the New Jim Crow

We challenge the culture of racism, repression and retribution that sustains mass incarceration. We seek to remove the structural injustices inflicted on the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, their families and the communities from which they come. We seek human rights for all members of our society non-violently, in opposition to our current system of justice, which is inherently violent.

Join us as we embark on our campaigns to reform parole,ban the box and end the torturous use of solitary confinement in NY’s prisons, jails and detention centers

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Campaign Releases Volumes 1 & 2 of NYS Legislators Report Cards

Feb 12, 2014 | by Nation_Inside_Team

Learn how your legislator governed in 2013 on issues of criminal justice and make sure he/she protects the interests of not just your community but all of the people of New York

Two necessary strategies to fulfill our mission are to educate impacted communities and to
challenge our representatives. These are the impetus for the report cards. It is our position that
there can and will be a true paradigm shift in our criminal justice system if our legislators would
“bend towards justice”. We also believe that an informed electorate is best positioned to choose
and direct its representatives in ways that value the worth of every human being and protect the
rights of all.