Campaign to End the New Jim Crow

We challenge the culture of racism, repression and retribution that sustains mass incarceration. We seek to remove the structural injustices inflicted on the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, their families and the communities from which they come. We seek human rights for all members of our society non-violently, in opposition to our current system of justice, which is inherently violent.

Join us as we embark on our campaigns to reform parole,ban the box and end the torturous use of solitary confinement in NY’s prisons, jails and detention centers

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Victorio’s earliest memory
Victorio is an activist whose commitment to justice began at an early age -- he talks about one of his earliest memories.
Latoya’s community targeted by criminal justice
Latoya realized a lot of the people she knew had been involved in the criminal justice system. She thought she was making bad choices personally, until she realized the system was set up to target certain people. She opposed mass incarceration.
Speak your piece to end the new Jim Crow!
Five Mualimmak from the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow asks to share your story on video, audio or text!
Imani on communities under attack
Iamni is a social worker and activist. He says that the criminalization of young people, LGBT people, and people of color is counter to what he does as a social worker. That's why he's part of the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow.
Victor’s first-hand experience of injustice
Victor talks about his own treatment in the hands of the criminal justice system, and why he opposes mass incarceration.
Charmin connects the dots
Charmin has a brother who is incarcerated in the post-9/11 furor, and urges other activists to make the connections among different groups.
Why Eddie supports restorative justice
As a formerly incarcerated person, Eddie has a first-hand perspective on how mass incarceration dehumanizes people. He talks about that and why he supports the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow.
Jazz’s activism against the abuse of authority
Jazz Hayden, an activist at least since his work organizing Attica prisoners, talks about his opposition to the abuse of authority and how it continues today with the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow.
A teacher and her students get involved
Aisha, a former public schoolteacher in the Bronx, talks about how mass incarceration concerned her students.
Shoshanna’s story
Shoshanna has seen the criminal justice system from different perspectives, and says it doesn't work to solve any social problems or bring about healing.
Ain’t we got a right to the tree of life: democracy
Senator Georgia Powers from Kentucky has a great deal to say about establishing voting rights for felons.
A Powerful Look at What Makes Communities
"A community allows us to build strategies for analysis, for action and for change. Examining political and economic factors from the concrete base of the community allows for development of more effective strategies for change."
Building Community: The Role of the Vote
"Why Vote?" A critical issue of today. At a time that poor people of color find themselves at the top of every index of misery their numbers are dropping at the polls. They are being fed the false information that black votes don't matter. They do.
Powerful Truth
Dhoruba Al-Mujahid speaking about the current police state we live in, and what we can do about it.
Unblock the Block: Release the Vote
There are 40 million African Americans in America. Organize the vote! Check out this video on YouTube:
Five’s story
Five was incarcerated for 12 years before being exonerated. He now works against the country's addiction to mass incarceration.
Why Vote?
This is why...
Our Vote Matters
The issue is how do we increase voter turnout in poor communities of color where voter participation is low and getting lower. The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow is addressing this issue and applauds the suggestions in this article.
Naomi’s life as an activist
Naomi talks about her experience as a longtime activist concerned about political prisoners and mass incarceration. She’s helping build a NY state network.