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Message from our Board President, Benito Vega

Oct 11, 2013 | by Nation Inside Team

Why we should sign the petition for Jobs NOT Jails

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Benito Vega
Posted October 11, 2013

It is very funny how all of a sudden money can be found and or requested to build, rehab or expand new and old jails/ prisons.

That two (2) billion dollars can be better use for jobs.
A process to where individual who want so badly to turn their lives around have the opportunity to do so.

All that money can be invested in jobs instead of jails where folks can become the productive members of society they long for and contribute back to the city and state of Mass.
We talk about losing revenue and having to close and or reduce programs and or resources due to lack of fuding,
But WASTING 2 BILLIONS dollars in jails and or prisons, how is that constructive and a productive way of using those funds?

Would it make more sense in reducing recidivism by creating MORE JOBS and having more REVENUE come in to the state by the taxes being paid with the creation of NEW JOBS.

As we all know incarcerating any individual will cost OVER $47,000 annually, how is that productive?

Join us by signing the petition and encouraging the growth of JOBS NOT JAIlS.
Please share and ask your friends, family and neighbors to sign.