Free Movement Campaign

Free Movement NC is a grassroots coalition of faith, community, youth and justice workers and artists organizations working together to build racial, social, and economic justice across coastal North Carolina.

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About Us

Free Movement levels the playing field to protect civil, economic, cultural and political rights as defined by the communities we serve.

We are a social justice organization working to create a society that focuses on supporting the human rights of all people, while treating them with respect and dignity regardless of ability, age, gender, national origin, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other defining characteristic.

The current priorities, developed from a year-long listening and organization effort incorporating over 300 regional grassroots leaders include:

Gender Equality: We stand for gender equality in North Carolina and are dedicated to securing equality and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our state.

Civic Engagement: We believe that healthy communities are engaged communities.

Economic Justice: Our community needs a living wage that allows everyone to prosper. Join us in the “Fight for 15” campaign.

Media Justice: The right to communicate is a human right.  Our communities need access to broadband internet to thrive.

Environmental Justice: Here in coastal North Carolina we support county and state investment that increases local ownership in the fishing industry.

Criminal Justice: Our coalition works directly with formerly incarcerated and prisoner families to fight against mass incarceration and its ongoing repercussions. We support and organize various criminal justice reform efforts. For instance, we want questions about criminal histories banned from job applications and lower prison phone call rates.

Healthy Communities: The health of coastal residents involves not just creating access to care, but democratic processes in which public health policy decisions are viewed through a comprehensive lens and made in collaboration with a thriving community.

We will fight to create a fair and just society that respects human and civil rights, uplifts all people to their potential, and values the participation of everyone.