HEARD’s mission is to identify and remove barriers that prevent the deaf from participating in and having equal access to the justice system by enhancing the competence, capacity, and capability of justice professionals to manage language access and ability rights issues; and to empower the Deaf Community through education and advocacy.

HEARD’s vision is to create a universally accessible American justice system that equitably serves individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Please consider a donation to support our work.

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Technology advances connections for Deaf Inmates
After nearly six years of all-volunteer advocacy by our organization, we were able to get a top executive at a the largest prison phone company (...
We are approaching our fifth year as an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We are proud of all we have accomplished by and through the unflagging dedication of amazing board members, interns, volunteers and allies.
#DeafInPrison Campaign Trailer
Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD) created the #DeafInPrison Campaign to raise awareness about abuse of and discrimination against deaf prisoners across the nation. The Campaign, which officially launches on June 27th, aims to start a national conversation about these concerns and to compel corrective and preventive action.
HEARD Report on Abuse of Deaf Prisoners in Florida
HEARD has reported on systemic abuse of deaf, deaf-blind, blind, elderly and disabled prisoners in the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC). HEARD's efforts have helped initiate a formal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice that as of the writing of this petition is still ongoing. Sadly, the Florida Department of Corrections still has not addressed widespread abuse of prisoners with disabilities. In fact, abuse has worsened, and the DOC has blocked HEARD's incoming and outgoing mail, and proposed a rule that, if adopted, would ban prisoners and their advocates from maintaining an Internet presence on any website.