Just Future Project

Our Vision for a Just Future:
1. Abolish pre-crime preventative detention laws
2. Free our friends and loved ones from dehumanizing labels
3. Realign our justice system with the values of restoration and reintegration

Just Future Project is a new initiative focused on challenging pre-crime preventative detention laws. We are a people-driven grassroots advocacy campaign dedicated to building a movement of community members demanding an end to indefinite detention regimes.

Why Is This Important?
We believe in justice, that persons who have caused harm may be held accountable for their actions. But justice also demands proportionality and due process, elements essential to distinguish justice from mere vengeance. The goal of any true system of justice must be restoration and re-integration, not the perpetual containment and incapacitation that have come to define the U.S. criminal legal system.

Pre-crime preventative detention systems are a dangerous departure from the traditional values of our legal system.

Thoughts from one detained in a civil commitment facility

Nov 9, 2018 | by admin

I feel like I am walking on egg shells 3 feet thick. We are under the microscope 24/7. The treatment process is like brainwashing. They want to lay you down, cut you open, then scrape everything that’s inside out. Then they want to put back in what they want to be there. You fight to retain “me”. Many parts of the treatment go against my walk with God, opposite to Scripture and the way I was raised.

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