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PEACE & POLICE is a nonviolent campaign for social change, aimed at restoring trust and respect between our communities and our police. This campaign is the work of students at Virginia Union University who are majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Many of us will eventually have careers in the field of law enforcement and policing and we want the relationship between the police and our communities to be strong. This Peace & Police campaign is where we offer our thoughts and ideas about how to make this relationship the best it can be.

End Mass Incarceration and Racism

Feb 9, 2016 | by admin

Time to end mass incarceration and racism and here is my idea about how that can happen.

Is there a connection between mass incarceration and racism? Of course, there is.

Statistics show that one out of every three African Americans and one out of six Hispanic Americans will be incarcerated at some point of their lives, but only one out of every seventeen white Americans will experience incarceration.  Racism even lives within the walls of the prisons, where blacks, Hispanics, whites, etc. have separated themselves from each other.

Sentences are much harsher on African Americans and other minorities compared to whites. In some circumstances, a black man who sells drugs might get the same sentence as a white man who commits a murder. Racism still exists and is still very much alive, because many of the crimes minorities commit, whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony, and even serious crimes, it still doesn’t add up for the time they receive to be so much more than someone of the majority race who commits the same crime.

Who are predominately the ones who get criminal records because of “petty crimes” or whatever crimes? African Americans. The injustice is made worse because a felony charge against a black man costs him much more than just his time in prison—it can make a job hard to find. If he can’t find work, that can lead back to the streets of crime. Not to mention, those with a criminal record are not able to vote in some states, including Virginia. Is this justifiable? No, but it is the truth.

People of the Caucasian race still mainly run our government systems, and many of them still live in the mindset of racism. Even when researchers prove the truth behind racist tactics in our government system, it still doesn’t change and I am not sure it will not as long as we don’t do something about it.

How can we change this? We African Americans and other minorities have to educate ourselves, learn how we can work around the justice system and learn what we need to do to make a change.

Since more minorities are attending schools and institutions to further their education, it is possible for more minorities to receive the training in law needed to help change our judicial system. Maybe if enough people in minority races get educated on the world around us we can change the justice system, and even play a part in changing the world.


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