Peace & Police

PEACE & POLICE is a nonviolent campaign for social change, aimed at restoring trust and respect between our communities and our police. This campaign is the work of students at Virginia Union University who are majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Many of us will eventually have careers in the field of law enforcement and policing and we want the relationship between the police and our communities to be strong. This Peace & Police campaign is where we offer our thoughts and ideas about how to make this relationship the best it can be.

Our Power to Change

Apr 13, 2016 | by admin

Nobody wants to be controlled for his or her whole life. What people want is to feel morally right within themselves. We can use our power (not control) to help others to get there and to change ourselves, as well.

To me, power means the good will in one person influencing others to do good deeds and to be successful, as he himself is successful. Those who have other people looking up to them have the power to change others. We can even change ourselves using our own power. Power is defined as the ability to draw others to join you by the might of your character and your commitment to values, such as integrity, honesty, respect and generosity.

Power is different from control. Control is defined as the process of dominating others and restricting their freedom through physical, mental or emotional coercion.  Those who use control cause mass incarceration and enforce zero tolerance in schools. Control can cause others to commit something that is not right and force them to be unlawful. These people have been deceived and forced to follow those who are bad because those bad people did not recognize their power and instead were selfish.

Zero tolerance in schools causes many students to end up in jail. This, in turn, adds to mass incarceration. Just as that cycle goes around, I can use my power to influence or teach those that there is a better way of life than “the easy way”, selling and using drugs, smoking illegal substances and illegal violent activities. Those who have not done any of these things need to stick with good friends who want to better themselves each day. If you already have done these illegal things, then find alternate routes to make healthy choices that give you self-satisfaction.

I would surely be there for anybody, or would find somebody who can help, as long as you want to help yourself. If you want to conquer the world, I will be there to support your motivation and drive to continue to do good and be free from incarceration. As I try to use my power to help others, then they will start to use their power to help others. This will deter others from wrongful doings and therefore help end the cycle of people being incarcerated. Having a cycle of good character circling through the world can lessen mass incarceration and have fewer zero tolerance punishments in our schools.

Our power goes a long way because our influence gives other people new choices and consciousness to truly have integrity. This will have a lasting impact because nobody wants to be controlled for his or her whole life. What people want is to feel morally right within themselves.