Build Programs, Not Jails!

Join our campaign to stop Champaign county from building a $32 million jail and investing instead in programs and services to help our community thrive!

Take Action! Build Programs, Not Jails meets regularly at the Independent Media Center in Urbana, IL. Check back often for our updated meeting schedule.

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About Us

The Champaign County Board is considering a proposal to spend $32 million on new jail construction. Under this proposal, the Board would pay for the project with some combination of the public safety sales tax, a new sales tax, and/or an increase in the property tax.

We believe the County must change its priorities. Tax revenues should fund preventive services, facilities, and programs that will keep people out of jail. These include: mental health services, substance abuse treatment, pretrial services, re-entry programs for people returning home from prison, youth job training, and measures to address the disproportionate number of African Americans and low-income people in the jail population. This shift in priority would reflect national and state efforts to reduce incarceration and affirm our belief that everyone in the County deserves to be treated with dignity.

We believe the Board and other elected officials should work with the whole community to make these alternatives to incarceration a reality.