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We are dedicated to protecting the rights of those held in Florida's prisons, with a special focus on the mentally ill.


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Judge Orders Release of Rainey Tissue
On July 13, Miami-Dade State Attorney Rundle responded to our petition appealing to her to allow independent testing of the evidence in the Darren Rainey case. She passed the buck, saying the decision was entirely in the hands of the Medical Examiner. This is disputable, but what is indisputable is ...
Darren Rainey Petition Sent to State Attorney
Late last month, we started a petition asking Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to allow an independent investigation of the death of Darren Rainey ( Now, with...
Darren Rainey Investigation Petition
On March 17, Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle released her findings on the case of Darren Rainey, who died at Dade Correctional Institution in 2012 after being placed by prison guards into a shower so hot that, upon his death, skin was sep...
Darren Rainey: October 11 Meeting with State Attorney
    Summary of Meeting with State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle on October 11, 2016 to Discuss the Progress of the Investigation of the Death of Darren Rainey on June 23, 2012   Attending: Howard Simon, Executive Director of the ACLU of Florida; Shir...
British Newspaper Article on Solitary Confinement in Florida's Prisons
5/4/2016 article from The Guardian
New Yorker article on abuse of prisoners at Dade Correctional Institution
This article with full graphics is at
Video of Harold Hempstead, Witness to Florida Prison Abuses
Harold Hempstead, a Florida prisoner, risked his life to break the story of Florida prison abuses. Here is a video interview with him, discussing the murder of inmate Darren Rainey and other crimes in Florida's prisons.
Women Behind Bars: New York Times Editorial Women Behind Bars By THE EDITORIAL BOARDNOV. 30, 2015 In the last few years, America’s out-of-control incarceration boom has finally started to get the sustained public scrutiny, and condemnation, that it des...
Harold Hempstead Interview Details Prison Abuse
Harold Hempstead interview with Fox13 Tampa
Harold Hempstead Wins ACLU Award for Courage
In 2012, Darren Rainey was murdered at Dade Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida. Harold Hempstead was an inmate orderly in Mr . Rainey's unit and, putting his life literally on the line, brought the case to light by contacting The Miami Herald.  This started, in 2014, a Herald se ries on ...
Fourteen Human Rights Groups ask Dept. of Justice to Investigate Florida Prisons
SPAN, ACLU and 12 other organizations appealed, on 10/15/2015, to the Department of Justice for an investigation of Florida's prisons.
Mental Health Diversion Programs in Miami Work
Article from 9/23/2015 Washington Post by Justin Volpe on the treatment of the mentally ill in the criminal justice system.
Article on Harold Hempstead, who revealed Darren Rainey’s Murder
This is a Miami Herald article on Harold Hempstead, who revealed the 2012 murder of Darren Rainey in a South Florida prison.
A Prison Nurse’s look at Sandra Bland’s Death, by Paul Spector
Former California state prison nurse, based on his 8 year experience, speculates what happened to #SandraBland. George Mallinckrodt provides an introductory note.
Stop Prison Abuse Now Inmate Information Form
If you have information on the abuse of an inmate in a Florida prison, you can send it to us and we'll help bring it to public attention.
SPAN to State Attorney: After three years, it’s time for justice for Darren Rainey
SPAN urges State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to immediate action on Darren Rainey case, sending her detailed information on abuse and murder of inmates, including Darren Rainey, in Special Housing Units provided by inmate witness Harold Hempstead. A typed transcript of Hempstead's affidavit is included below the letter from SPAN.
In Memory of Darren Rainey
George Mallinckrodt worked for nearly three years as a psychotherapist in a Florida state prison psychiatric ward. Guards regularly tormented, beat, and tortured patients on his caseload. George was fired for his refusal to stay silent about a beating and other abuses. Mallinckrodt is a full-time human rights activist and frequent contributor to news stories regarding the treatment of the mentally ill in prison.
SPAN Letter to Department of Corrections Chief Urging Reform
On May 21, SPAN issued a press release to over 300 Florida media outlets, along with a formal letter (attached) to Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones, calling for humane treatment of prisoners, especially those with mental illness. The attached video is from June 5, 2014.
Department of Justice Opens Investigation of Darren Rainey case, Florida Prisons
The following Miami Herald story details the Department of Justice opening an investigation of the 2012 death of Darren Rainey, a mentally ill prisoner at Dade Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County Florida.