Strengthening Family Connections in California

The mission of the Strengthening Family Connections: In-Person Visitation Campaign is to pass SB 1157 in California, introduced by California State Senator Holly Mitchell, which will protect in-person visitation rights in California county jails, ensuring that video visitation cannot replace in-person visitation.


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Senate Public Safety Committee hearing on Tuesday

Apr 6, 2016 | by admin

1. Our bill will be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee next Tuesday, April 12 at 9am in Room 3191 at the California State Capitol. If you can be there in person to show your support with a “me too,” that would be fantastic!

2. Sign up for our email list, and we’ll keep you posted on how you can get involved!

3. Use the storybank to tell us about your experience with video visitation, why in-person jail or prison visits are so important, the importance of family communication during incarceration, etc. If you do not want your story to show up on the campaign page, please feel free to contact Christina at


We also wanted to thank those of you who were able to sign our petition asking the Senate Public Safety Committee to vote “aye” on SB 1157 Strengthening Family Connections: In-Person Visitation. We had 162 signatures, woohoo!!