Virginia Cure

Virginia CURE is a state chapter of CURE, Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants. Our mission is to reduce crime through criminal justice reform. To achieve success, all concerned citizens must make an effort to be informed and participate in activities that encourage fair, humane, and responsible criminal justice and prison policies.

Recent News

Justice Parade for Incarcerated Youth
Join Performing Statistics today for their Justice Parade for Incarcerated Youth.
Alert! Show Support for Phone Justice
OPEN MEETING of the FCC will consider inmate telephone calls!
Virginia CURE Annual Meeting November 14, 2015
Please join us for our annual meeting on November 14, 2015. We will be discussing Workforce Development inside correctional facilities, and for citizens returning to the workforce from incarceration.
From Cradle to Prison: Using Art to Disrupt the Criminal Justice System
This week-long learning exchange, starting on June 16th, will involve different partners in the Performing Statistics Project-- a civically engaged collaborative public art project that seeks to reform the juvenile justice system by connecting incarcerated youth and adults with artists, activists, designers, educators, and community organizations to produce media campaigns, public exhibitions, and a state-wide art and advocacy tour.
2015 Advocacy Day @ VA General Assembly!
Please join us for Advocacy Day at the General Assembly. Meet with your legislators! Let them know the issues you find important. Together, we can make a change.
Join Sanctuary’s Community Responses to the Prison Industrial Complex, January 15, 2015!
Please come out on January 15th and 22nd to support the advocacy organization's, Sanctuary, writing workshop and open mike/sharing of Community Responses to the Prison Industrial Complex @ Black Iris, 321 West Broad St, Richmond, VA starting at 6pm.
Returning Citizen Job Fair
The Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia CURE is hosting a job fair for citizens returning into the community. Please join them November 7, 2013.
VA Parole Board Chair to Visit Hampton Roads CURE Nov 18
Need a job but getting ignored when you check the box about criminal history? Karen Brown (Virginia Parole Board Chairman) will tell us how she can help!
Virginia CURE Annual Meeting
Virginia CURE 27th Annual Meeting Reentry Revisited Saturday, November 8, 2014 Richmond Friends Meetin...
Returning Citizen Job Fair
Join the Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia CURE on November 7, 2013 for their 2nd annual Returning Citizens Job Fair. All attendees must RSVP in advance via
Suffolk VEC Office Closing
The Virginia Employment Commission is scheduled to close its Suffolk office November 15th.
Public forum on “Alleviating the Collateral Damages of Arrest and Conviction”
You are invited to a special event on Thursday, September 18th, from 6:30 to 8:30. Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) will host a public forum to discuss ways the community and the justice system could alleviate some of the collateral damages caused by arrests and convictions, including employment and housing barriers for those with criminal records. Co-sponsors of the event are the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence at George Mason University and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The event will be held in Founders Hall at George Mason University in Arlington. Please register for the event at There is NO charge for the event.
The Voice of a New Parole Board Member | Collateral Consequences
What happens to young people after they are labeled "felons"? Can they ever really rejoin society? Does their punishment really ever stop? In this moving article by the newest member of the Virginia Parole Board, we hear about efforts to address the devastating collateral consequences to a criminal conviction. Should someone be forever defined by their past?
Confinement or Torture?
Solitary Confinement is an important issue, especially for our juvenile correspondents. Enjoy the 1st of many articles regarding VA CURE issues from the high school perspective.
VA CURE FUNDRAISER 7/19/14 COTU Brewery Ashland VA
Join us as Clay Spokes raises funds at the Center of the Universe Brewery in Ashland, VA at the Summer Moon Festival! Performance time is 2:15pm, come show your support!
Medicaid Expansion Vigil | Tonight in Arlington, VA
In Virginia the House Speaker recently blocked Gov. McAuliffe's attempts to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. This not only affects tens of thousands of poor Virginians, but it also might have severe impacts on the prisoner population. A rally tonight in Arlington provides an opportunity to stand-up against the war on the poor in Virginia, which ultimately makes us all less safe.
Budget Impacts on Criminal Justice Programs in VA
Listed below are changes to the Budget Proposal for FY2015 and FY2016 impacting DOC which are being considered by the Legislature. Based on input from Dick Hickman, it appears the House will take action tonight and the Senate should do so at some point Friday. An Enrolled Budget will be sent to the Governor for his review. It is hoped that the Governor would sign this into law at some point next week.
Did Director Clark Create a Cover Up of a Young Inmate’s Death?
When Harold Clark was the head of the Massachusetts prison system, a prisoner diagnosed as a schizophrenic with a history of violence died while in the hands of prison officers. The 23 year old had been sent as a patient to the state of Massachusetts main facility housing mentally ill people. A video displayed officers using a prohibited technique for restraining and an autopsy later indicated that the young man may have been beaten. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. Director Clark refuted that conclusion and prison staff concurred. No one was prosecuted. Recently the Boston Globe ran a series of articles on this death suggesting a pattern of “foot dragging, disassembling and cover up”.
Criminals Need Mental Health Care Reported in Scientific American
It is commonly known that a great number of incarcerated people, up to 50% in some estimates, have a mental illness, which being untreated leads often to a newly released prisoner’s trip back to the prison. It has also been shown that Forensic hospitals have a great success rate in treating those prisoners who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity resulting in lowered recidivism for a large number of these prisoners. A study at a hospital in London found that forensic patients were 60% less likely to re-offend than others and 80% less likely to be violent. So why do we continue to treat prisons as our mental health facilities? What can be done to change this practice?
Join us March 22, 2014 for the Richmond Wrap-Up Forum!
Hear from our state legislators what happened during the 2014 General Assembly! Legislators will be present to answer questions. Hear keynote speaker Richard E. Rubenstein, University Professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs at George Mason University. Topic: “How do Poverty and Inequality Endanger Virginia? Are there Solutions?” WHEN: Saturday, March 22, 2014, 9:00 - 11:15 AM WHERE: American Legion Post 180. Located at 330 Center Street North, Vienna, VA 22180
Compassion and Reason Prevail: McAuliffe Grants Clemency for Dying Inmate
Governor Terry McAuliffe granted clemency for Jason Scott Davis on March 12, 2014, an inmate who is dying of terminal lung cancer. This is a huge step in moving towards restorative justice. Despite Mr. Davis having a history of assault with some against members of his family, his family advocated for him to leave this earth at home, not behind bars. This demonstrates that despite the errors a person commits, forgiveness is attainable. Virginia CURE spends a great deal of time responding to letters from people in jails and prisons with medical concerns being one of the top subjects. Clemency is tragically not granted in many cases. Virginia CURE applauds Governor McAuliffe for his granting of clemency for Mr. Davis. It is good to witness compassion and reason prevail in dealing with the complex issues that arise from incarceration; however, this is a bittersweet victory. Our hearts go out to Mr. Davis, his family, and loved ones through this difficult time.
Unfair Phone Charges for Inmates | Editorial
Whatever the technology, gouging prison inmates and their families is both unfair and counterproductive, weakening family ties that could be critical to an inmate's adjustment to the world beyond bars.
THE MOBILE JUSTICE TOUR PRESENTS: Ending Mass Incarceration & Successful Re-entry
Do you care about the restoration of civil rights, fair access to employment, or learning about how effective Virginia's criminal justice system actual is? The Mobile Justice Tour is coming to a town near you!
THE MOBILE JUSTICE TOUR PRESENTS: Ending Mass Incarceration & Successful Re-entry
Do you care about the restoration of civil rights, fair access to employment, or learning about how effective Virginia's criminal justice system actual is? The Mobile Justice Tour is coming to a town near you!
The Richmond Adult Drug Court Celebrates 15 Years
Sixteen years ago Donald W. Lemons was a relatively new Richmond Circuit Court judge when he pushed for a new kind of court and served as its first judge. Today, after more than 300 people have progressed through the program, Virginia is beginning to embrace alternatives to incarceration.
Monthly Parole Board Decisions January - September 2013
Monthly Virginia Parole Board DecisionsJanuary - September2013 Prepared by Bob Bohall This current update includes monthly information for January-September2013 and summaries for July 2005 - 2012.  Five prisoners were granted parole inSeptember, anultra-conservative grant rate of1.9% out of a...
Stop Mass Incarceration!
Monthly Parole Board Decisions January-August 2013
Prepared by Bob Bohall Monthly Virginia Parole Board Decisions January - August 2013 This current update includes monthly information for January-August 2013 and 2012 and summaries for July 2005 - 2012.  Five prisoners were granted parole in August, an ultra-conservative grant rate of 1....
Keep Children out of Adult Facilities
Virginia CURE has been concerned for many years about the plight of juveniles sentenced to adult prisons. Our organization has supported and will continue to support legislation to prevent transfers of juveniles to adult facilities. We applaud the Washington Post’s Editorial Board in voicing the necessity to scrutinize this policy, and applaud the fine work of the Campaign for Youth Justice in creating this report.
Virginia CURE’s 26th Annual Meeting
Please join us for Virginia CURE's Annual Meeting October 19, 2013, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Arlington Unitarian Universalist Church.
How Prisons Have Changed America’s Electoral Politics
Being "tough on crime" has become the mantra of many politicians; however, America has the largest prison population in the world. Racial disparities in the prison population are cause for the re-examination of the policies and motivations behind this epidemic of over incarceration.
Supreme Court rejects Cuccinelli’s appeal of ruling against Virginia’s sodomy law
The Supreme Court laid to rest the question of the unconstitutionality of Virginia's sodomy law. The General Assembly can now focus on behaviors that threaten public safety, and not on laws that penalize consenting adults. This is a step in helping those that have been wrongfully convicted under the sodomy law, and have been persecuted as sex offenders due to their sexuality.