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Virginia CURE is a state chapter of CURE, Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants. Our mission is to reduce crime through criminal justice reform. To achieve success, all concerned citizens must make an effort to be informed and participate in activities that encourage fair, humane, and responsible criminal justice and prison policies.

Criminals Need Mental Health Care Reported in Scientific American

May 15, 2014 | by admin

It is commonly known that a great number of incarcerated people, up to 50% in some estimates, have a mental illness, which being untreated leads often to a newly released prisoner’s trip back to the prison. It has also been shown that Forensic hospitals have a great success rate in treating those prisoners who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity resulting in lowered recidivism for a large number of these prisoners. A study at a hospital in London found that forensic patients were 60% less likely to re-offend than others and 80% less likely to be violent. So why do we continue to treat prisons as our mental health facilities? What can be done to change this practice?