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Death Behind Bars

Feb 20, 2016 | by admin

An Arkansas prisoner dies, the family is trying to find out how, what and why? Fortunately, the prisoners sister is an attorney. This is the phone conversation between Attorney Robertson and the prison official.

‪FOX16 News‪ Donna Terrell writes on facebook.. Thanks for all the feedback on my story, “Death Behind Bars”. A number of people have reached out telling me they’ve had similar situations with family members who are in prison. And based on feedback from State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson there needs to be new legislation that can make it easier to get medical information when an inmate dies. No matter what that person has done to end up in prison – when they die – family members fall apart when they can’t get answers. Listen to this phone conversation Bonnie Robertson had a prison official

Death Behind Bars Fox 16 News Special by Donna Terrell