End Mass Incarceration

Nation Inside is a platform that connects and supports people who are building a movement to systematically challenge mass incarceration in the United States.


No more heat deaths #StopTheHeat
Nation Inside is hearing reports from prisoners and families across the country regarding abusive heat conditions, an issue of life and death as summer rolls in and climate disru...
Get Involved With The Just Future Project
Our grassroots campaign is a patchwork of many individual efforts, but our voices are always louder together! Please reach out to us with your story, or the story of someone close to you, and join the fight again...
Join the RAPP campaign
Join us in the movement to release elders in New York State who pose no threat to public safety.

Nation Inside Wire

Free Movement Conference
Are you engaging in policy fights and looking for creative interventions? Are you fighting to end mass incarceration? Do you imagine a media that serves the public interest? Are you a Southern-based media producer?
Bridging the Rural and Urban Divide to End Mass Incarceration
For nearly 20 years now, I’ve met with relatives of prisoners freighted to rural prisons. For working class families, the long distance phone calls and road trips required to keep in touch with an incarcerated lov
Caught in the Phone Tracker Upsell
A law enforcement agency not everyone will be familiar with, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), has been getting familiar with your phone.


Share your story through storyline!
Call 24/7 at (910) 604-6519
Challenging Incarceration Stories : Ann Lamb
We need people to really stand up and resist and fight...we are not powerless.-Ann Lamb
Challenging Incarceration Stories: Lorenzo Brooks
We want to see these guys released...change the language from tell the parole board what they must do not what they may do. - Lorenzo Brooks
Challenging Incarceration Stories: Jack Davis
What does mass incarceration prove, nothing.- Jack
“The 13th Amendment,” by Grace Masback
By Grace Masback, DC RAPP Intern  December 6, 1865 is a classic date in American history. After four years of a destructive civil war and more than two centuries of slavery, th...

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