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Sign Petition…The Arkansas Prison Telephone Contract is out for bid…again!

Sep 17, 2014 | by Jean Thrash

There is no legitimate reason why families here in Arkansas should have to bear the burden and pay the inflated phone rate.

We are asking the Arkansas Board of Corrections to FOLLOW THE FCC… and ensure the new contract is based on an equal cost for in-state and out-of-state calls. Sign The Petition

WHY is this important?? A few reasons….

Currently it is cheaper for an incarcerated individual to make a call to California than it is for that individual to make a call to their family in Conway, Arkansas. This simply makes no sense!

According to the FCC ruling, “Studies make clear that inmates who maintain contact with family and community while in prison have reduced rate of recidivism and are more likely to become productive citizens upon their release. Lower rates of recidivism also benefit society by reducing crime, the need for additional prisons, and other costs.” Sign the Petition