Arkansas Cure

Arkansas CURE works to promote rehabilitation for the benefit of the community as a whole, and of the incarcerated individual through meaningful criminal justice reform by advocating for meaningful change through the legislative process.

Arkansas CURE is one of many organizations that is networking resources and leveraging ideas into tangible benefits for all.



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I was 14 years old
In response to an article posted in the Arkansas CURE July 2015 newsletter about Juvenile Life Without Parole.
What A Life by A. Thrash
I wrote this poem in 1981 or 1982. I wanted people to see that people had a life before they became incarcerated (some of us did anyway) and they lose something out of life from being incarcerated~that incarceration in and of itself is a painful form of punishment, without all the other things put on a person simply because they are locked up.
Prison Reform Advocates
Arkansas Prison Reform Advocates prepare for the Special Legislative Session...
From Prison to the Capitol: Truth to Power at the Ark. Leg. Criminal Justice Task Force
Four formerly incarcerated people testified about their experiences at the Arkansas Legislative Criminal Justice Oversight Task Force. Arkansas CURE is so proud of these great people and thankful to have played a part to make this happen.
Arkansas Death Penalty
We are better than this, Arkansas. Each of these quotes are actual comments made, captured online or in person about those who are condemned to die at the hands of the state. Arkansas is better than this!
Blog Entry - R. Williford
R. Williford sent in some of his earlier writings and wanted us to share them with you. Here's one from 2010 -- sad that it still applies today.
Response to “Challenge”
A response to the "challenge" in the latest Ar CURE newsletter...from James R.
Blog Entry - “The Castle” JPonder
"The Castle" by JPonder
What is a vets treatment court? And why you should care.
Veterans Treatment Courts Explained A new courtroom system is helping struggling vets turn their lives around. Veterans treatment courts are transforming the way veterans interact with the criminal justice system.
Prison Rape Elimination Act ~ In Jeopardy
Why are lawmakers considering restrictions to the federal law designed to help prevent prison rape? Associated Press
A Challenge
We know that Nation Inside is a tool to carry our message and your message far beyond what could ever be done on our own! We challenge you to use it too…. Its really quite easy … it connects us to work as one for the nation of men and women incarcerated… until the prison nation inside no longer exists.
Educate Not Just Incarcerate
Just saying "NO" is not the answer... Arkansas CURE Says “YES” to rehabilitation for those who have erred
Blog Entry - JPonder
Greetings from inside the belly of the beast.
J Ponder Art
J Ponder Art Art submitted by JPonder
A New Kind Of Busing
Busing Arkansas incarcerated citizens to an out of state Private for Profit Prison is not the answer to 'mass incarceration' in our State.