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Arkansas CURE works to promote rehabilitation for the benefit of the community as a whole, and of the incarcerated individual through meaningful criminal justice reform by advocating for meaningful change through the legislative process.

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Blog Entry - JPonder

Apr 2, 2013 | JeanT

Greetings from inside the belly of the beast.

Greetings from inside the belly of the beast.

My name is John Ponder. I’m serving a Life Sentence in the ADC for a crime I committed when I was 14. This year will be my 20th year of incarceration. And since “Life” means “Life” in Arkansas, there is no end in sight to my imprisonment.

Most importantly I haven’t gave up. Whether I spend the rest of my life in prison or not, I stand shoulder to shoulder with CURE and you in the struggle. Despite the powers that be…we can change the system and communities in Arkansas.

Obviously, if you’re on this website you are with us too. I for one, thank you. Every phone call, text, email and the precious minutes you spend on this uphill battle – they are appreciated. Never give up because one day the righteous will rejoice. The greed, corruption, and sickness that has been crafted by the system is gradually being exposed by people like you and organizations like CURE. It’s our loved ones and communities being afflicted.

If you have a young man in here, don’t think for a second I don’t try to lift the veil from his eyes. My scars, tears, pain and life sentence speaks volumes. I speak to their brains and heart. This is not where they want to spend their lives…when you are out there.

John Ponder

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