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Blog Entry - “The Castle” JPonder

Feb 1, 2014 | JeanT

“The Castle” by JPonder

“The Castle” by JPonder

Once upon a time there was a castle. Inside the bowels of this fortress, there was a dank and dark dungeon. The sole occupant of the dungeon was a prisoner of his own design. The heavy bricks trapping him, he had time to name.

The very cornerstone of this evil masonry was greed and what do you know, there was envy and treachery on either side of it. Like a twisted maelstrom, a hellish kaleidoscope…he could see the bricks as if they swirled around him: addiction, betrayal, lust, malice. And those bricks had offspring of a sort.

Despaire, abandonments, suicide, insanity and revenge were only a few of the evil spawn. In the mans madness, he saw his own demons dance and contort upon the bricks moldy surfact. Wouldn’t you know, in his feverous delusions he remembered these impish visions as “the good times” and long lost friends. Yeah, he should’ve been the castle’s fool or jester instead of its prisoner.

You see he was lost in his own craziness. He’d tell you with a smile upon his boil infested face that he was “alright” and that he was “good” with his captivity. It was ludicrous considering the images of his loved ones that seemed to be tattooed on the inside of his eyelids. Every time the clown closed his eyes, its what he saw as tears ran down his miserable face.


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