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Response to “Challenge”

Sep 28, 2014 | JeanT

A response to the “challenge” in the latest Ar CURE newsletter…from James R.

A response to the “challenge” in the latest AR CURE newsletter…from James R.

What change would I make to the criminal justice system?

Tweak the 70% law (Give “good time”)

The criminal justice prison system in ADC is ridiculously over crowded with inmates that are under the 70% law. And you have a big percet of inmates that are waiting in the county jails that have already been convicted with the 70% law. I’m speaking on this matter, because I’m one of the “members” of the 70% law. My first time ever with a “violent” charge, I rec’d 45 years on the 70% law. That’s 31.5 years to the door before I’m even eligible for parole. So, to stop all of this “prison overcrowding”, just tweak the 70% law. Give the inmates that are under the 70% law the opportunity to earn good time. Give them, their families, wives, kids, etc the chance to see their loved ones sooner than they expect it. And, if some do decide to violate that and come back, then that’s when they get hit with the 100% law. Meaning, you where just under the 70% law and we allowed you the opportunity and privilege to earn good time to come home sooner, but you took your “chance” for granted. So, this (100% law) is the consequence for your actions. The “good time” for the 70% law will show a tremendous affect on the overcrowded prison system in ADC. As of now, ADC population, over 60% of the inmates are under the 70% law. My sentence is 45 years and that equals 31.5 years to the door before I’m eligible for parole, but some inmates have 50 years, 60 years, 70 years all on the 70% law. 70 years equals 49 years to the door, 60 years equals 42 to the door, 50 years equals 35 years to the door. Damn! Those are football numbers. And yes, you do have some inmates that deserve those numbers because they’re habitual offenders and they’ve been in and out of ADC repeatedly. That means they’ve had their chance to fly right, but guys such as myself with my first and last violent charge ever have rec’d 45 years on the 70% law. And, now I have to do 31.5 years before I’m eligible for parole. And, after I complete the 31.5 years, it’s still not guaranteed that I will be granted parole because they’re handing out 1 year and 2 year denials like they’re giving candy to a baby. But, that’s another issue! Good time for the 70% law will give the chance to see light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you. James R.

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