Challenging Incarceration

Donate to support the Day of Advocacy on May 10th

We would greatly appreciate any donation (tax-deductible) you can make to the May 10 Day of Action and Advocacy: Unite for Parole and Prison Justice. Your donation will help ensure that anyone who wants to participate on May 10 can come, by covering such costs as free buses from NYC, some transport support for people from other parts of the state, and free meals during the day. Thank you for helping to make this day possible! You can donate by clicking on the below paypal button.

Checks can also be made to "The Social Justice Center" (*subject line for checks should indicate "May 10th"), and mailed to:

The Social Justice Center
33 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12210

The Challenging Incarceration Mission

The system of incarceration in New York continues to destroy people, families, and
communities. We are a growing statewide, multi-campaign, multi-issue collective that aims to:

1) End Mass Incarceration;
2) Promote Community Empowerment;
3) End State Violence and Torture; and
4) End Structural Racism and all Intersectional Identity-Based Oppression in New York while protecting the rights of Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, and Native people; women; immigrants; LGBTI people; impoverished and working class people; people with mental health needs; and all people of our great city and state.

Unite for Parole and Prison Justice: A Day of Advocacy and Action:

May 10, 2017 – Legislative Office Building in Albany. This day will include a rally and speak-out event at West Capitol Park, a march through the capitol, and legislative advocacy around Challenging Incarceration’s platform (can be found at the bottom of the “Facts” page) with a particular focus on parole reform. Free buses will leave from NYC.

Challenging Incarceration June strategy meeting:

June 17, 2017 – 10:00AM to 4:00 PM. At this meeting, members of the coalition and community will strategize around the future of challenging incarceration, its structure, shared values and leadership.

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