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We call on lawmakers to end our reliance on incarceration, reduce the need for such a crippling corrections budget and improve public safety. We support Illinois prison closures and support efforts to swiftly reduce Illinois' record-high prison population. Illinois must instead invest in prison alternatives, community-based services and support for people after incarceration.

From commitment to action! Please oppose bills that increase incarceration and support bills that help people stay out of prison.

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Fast Action: PROPONENT of SB1659 and HB1547

Mar 1, 2013 | by admin

‚ąö CHECK. WE DID THIS! We went online to list ourselves as PROPONENTS of SB1659 and HB1547 to give $1500 tax credits to employers who hire formerly incarcerated people.

Thanks so much to everyone who slipped in favor of this bill. SB 1659 passed the Executive Committee 13-2 and more than 75 proponents from all over the state signed on in support! Now please email your representatives using this easy link and let them know you support the bill.


We only have until 1:40 pm today (Wednesday, March 6) to submit a slip in favor of Senate bill 1659.


And here is the sister bill in the House. Please submit slip for HB1547 by 7:30am, Thursday March 7.


About 3.8 million adults in Illinois have a criminal record, and therefore a lifetime barrier to steady employment. This bill will give employers a strong incentive to hire people with records.

Jobs strengthen families, build safer communities and allow people to become taxpayers. There is no better way to reduce the chance of a future incarceration than giving someone the opportunity to become stable and self-sufficient.

We must encourage employers to give people the chance to turn their lives around and reward those who do so. It is a great investment for everyone.

Thank you so much Senator Patricia Van Pelt and Representative Art Turner Jr.