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We call on Illinois lawmakers to take a realistic view of what community safety means and how to achieve it. Our current systems have been failing individuals, families, and communities for generations. The needs of survivors are not being met and the current system disrespects and harms accused and convicted people, making them and their families unsafe. We can no longer condone the harms of our current laws and allow them to continue to separate families and perpetuate harm for generations. Let's act!

From commitment to action! Please support bills that offer a truly progressive step forward in ending our reliance on carceral policies and toward proven policies for community safety for all.


Support HB2404: Treat 17 Year Olds as Juveniles

Apr 30, 2013 | by admin

√ CHECK. WE DID THIS! Illinois Needs to Join the Majority. Help Illinois join the 38 other states and the federal government in recognizing that 17 year olds are not adult criminals. Raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to include 17 year olds. HB2404 is good public policy because it (1) benefits public safety; (2) reduces long-term costs associated with criminal convictions; and (3) is consistent with adolescent development research. HB2404 passed the House on April 16, 2013 and needs your support in the Senate. Please contact your state senator and ask them to VOTE YES for HB2404.

Please contact your state senator and urge them to vote yes!

Easy link to contact senator!

House Bill 2404 raises the age of jurisdiction for juvenile court to include 17 year olds for some felony offenses. Several years ago, Illinois raised the age to include 17 year olds charged with misdemeanor offenses. After the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission studied the benefits of this change, they recommended raising the age to include most felony offenses. This is good policy since it provides most 17 year olds with the benefits of juvenile court such as mental health services, drug treatment and community-based services. This juvenile court jurisdictional change would align Illinois with 38 other states and the federal government.

There is broad-based support for HB2404, including law enforcement, prosecutors, faith leaders, advocates and community groups.

Please tell your legislators to support HB2404. It is beneficial for public safety, an efficient use of juvenile court resources, and consistent with legal trends.