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We call on Illinois lawmakers to take a realistic view of what community safety means and how to achieve it. Our current systems have been failing individuals, families, and communities for generations. The needs of survivors are not being met and the current system disrespects and harms accused and convicted people, making them and their families unsafe. We can no longer condone the harms of our current laws and allow them to continue to separate families and perpetuate harm for generations. Let's act!

From commitment to action! Please support bills that offer a truly progressive step forward in ending our reliance on carceral policies and toward proven policies for community safety for all.



Apr 12, 2014 | by admin

√ CHECK. WE DID THIS! HB4538 provides for meaningful review of the decision to try a child as an adult

HB4538 restores individualized sentencing for youth by providing children with individualized court hearings to determine whether they should be tried as adults.

Right now Illinois is one of just 14 states with no ability for individual review of the decision to try a minor as an adult. Children are different than adults, and that must be taken into account when holding them accountable. The American Psychiatric Association “opposes statutes which permit or require juvenile suspects to be transferred or waived into adult court without judicial review” for that reason. Moreover, denying a meaningul hearing is discriminatory: minority youth are overwhelmingly represented in the automatic transfer of youth to adult court.

HB4538 allows a child’s age, alleged degree of participation in an offense, and individual circumstances to be taken into consideration in making that decision. This is a humane, common sense reform that should be implemented right away.

Ask your representatives to vote YES on HB4538!