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From commitment to action!Ā Please oppose bills that increase incarceration and support bills that help people stay out of prison.

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Apr 12, 2014 | by admin

āˆš CHECK. WE DID THIS! HB5686 improves the guardianship process to better serve children

HB5686Ā amends the Probate Act to fix gaps that allow violations of parental rights and court authority.

At present, guardians can move children out of state without consent of the parent or the court, and without even providing notice to either. Parents have the right to know the whereabouts and well-being of theirĀ children. Parental rights and court authority are at risk when guardians move childrenĀ out of state with no notice.

HB5686 Requires guardians to petition the court prior to removing children from Illinois forĀ more than 30 days, with proper notice to the parents; requires guardians to inform the court of childrenā€™s current address within 30 daysĀ of any change of residence; requires the court to honor short-term guardian appointments made by parentsĀ unless the guardian is unfit, unable or unwilling to care for the children; clarifies that a short-term guardian form is not consent for a court order forĀ guardianship; and balances the convenience of the guardian with the right of parents to know theirĀ childrenā€™s whereabouts, ultimately providing for theĀ childrenā€™s best interests.

Please help support the important reforms in HB5686 by contacting your representatives!

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