Decarcerate Illinois

We call on Illinois lawmakers to take a realistic view of what community safety means and how to achieve it. Our current systems have been failing individuals, families, and communities for generations. The needs of survivors are not being met and the current system disrespects and harms accused and convicted people, making them and their families unsafe. We can no longer condone the harms of our current laws and allow them to continue to separate families and perpetuate harm for generations. Let's act!

From commitment to action! Please support bills that offer a truly progressive step forward in ending our reliance on carceral policies and toward proven policies for community safety for all.


New Special Report on Prosecuting Children in Adult Courts

Apr 29, 2015 | J Freely

The Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) just released a Special Report on the Automatic Adult Prosecution of Children in Cook County. Get it here!

Here is JJI’s new Special Report detailing why automatic prosecution of children as adults is harmful.

Illinois should restore authority over whether a child under 18 should be tried in adult crimi-nal court to juvenile court judges. This will bring Illinois in line with the majority of states, and will ensure better outcomes for children, for victims, for taxpayers, and for public safety.

If you think children deserve individualized hearings before being tried please join our campaign.

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