Illinois Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

To expose phone companies charging exorbitant rates and bring justice to families who have loved ones incarcerated by making affordable the cost of phone calls from jails and prisons in Illinois.

Kick the Kickbacks

Apr 25, 2016 | James

Illinois family members speak about overcharging for prison and jail phone calls.

Illinois residents speak about their experience of using prison and jail phone systems, highlighting the need for more affordable rates and the elimination of the kickbacks that go to the Department of Corrections. The Illinois Dept. of Corrections took in nearly $12 million in kickbacks from phone calls in 2012, thus giving the state the dubious honor of having the highest revenue of any state department of corrections in the country. Securus Technologies, which holds the contract for the Department of Corrections as well as for 76 of 102 counties in Illinois, is the main profiteer from these charges. The Illinois Campaign for Prison Phone Justice is part of the national efforts to convince the Federal Communications Commission to reduce charges and eliminate kickbacks.

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