Texas Inmate Families Association

The mission of the Texas Inmate Families Association is to break the cycle of incarceration in Texas by strengthening families through organizing, support, education, and advocacy.

Rehabilitation Instead of Punishment

Jun 2, 2015 | by admin

As families with incarcerated loved ones, we envision a system that humanely treats them when they are separated from us, and helps them prepare for coming home to us.

The prison system in 2015 would be a smaller more efficient system that would have a firm focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Mental health issues would not be treated as crimes. People in prison would be kept away from society based on risk assessments that reflect the need for rehabilitation. Because of risk assessments, sentences would be shorter limiting the need for extensive medical resources. Individuals would be encouraged to attend work and educational activities with a daily payment that could be used to purchase their own food and basic necessities. The guards would be educated, having course work in human rights, ethics and the law. People in prison would have a place to visit with their families and be able to spend substantial time with family members away from other rally_pic2_350_263individuals. The prison would also offer programs that would strengthen families and bring them closer together.