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The mission of the Texas Inmate Families Association is to break the cycle of incarceration in Texas by strengthening families through organizing, support, education, and advocacy.

Stand with Texas Families Affected by this Week’s Tragic Bus Accident

Jan 16, 2015 | by admin

We need you to stand with those who lost their lives this week.  Will you take action?

On Sunday evening, January 18, Texas Families for Justice and allies will gather for vigils across the State to mourn the lives lost in this week's bus tragedy, and to stand with all families who fear for the safety and well being of their incarcerated loved ones in Texas.  

A vigil doesn't have to be big: a single person standing with a candle and a sign is a powerful statement.   Whether it’s outside of your house, or outside of City Hall, will you stand with Texas families

Steps to hold Texas Families for Justice Vigil

1.     Pick a location and send address to cindy@nationinside.org

2.     Invite your friends, family, and neighbors

3.     Light candles and hold signs saying, "Texas Families for Justice stands with you" and #TXfamiliesforjustice

4.     Take a picture of the vigil and send to cindy@nationinside.org, or text it to her at 512-487-4615 or Tweet pictures using    #TXfamiliesforjustice. Make sure to tell Cindy where your picture was taken.


By standing together we send a message that our loved ones lives matter.


Visit the Texas Families for Justice website for updates and resources.