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Court temporarily blocks price cap on prison calls

Mar 8, 2016 | by admin

Court temporarily blocks price cap on prison calls

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit blocked a portion of the Federal Communications Commission’s rules as a broader lawsuit moves forward. The rules, which were slated to take effect later this month, are meant to lower the prices that inmates and their families pay to talk on the phone.

A major portion of the rules passed last year was meant to ensure that federal prison inmates would not pay more than $1.65 for a 15-minute call — translating to 11 cents per minute. Those rates were slightly higher for smaller facilities.

The court put that part of the rule on hold, called a “stay” in legal terminology, while inmate calling companies sue to completely strike down the regulations. A higher cap remains in place.

However, another portion of the rule was allowed to go forward — specifically a part that caps secondary fees associated with calls, which can drastically increase the price of a call. Those includes payment transaction fees.

The regulations were set to take effect for prisons this month, while jails would have until June to comply.

“While we regret that relief from high inmate calling rates will be delayed for struggling families and their 2.7 million children trying to stay in touch with a loved one, we are gratified that costly and burdensome ancillary charges will come to an end,” Chairman Tom Wheeler and Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said in a statement.

When asked about the lawsuit last year, Wheeler told reporters that it was par for the course, saying that “everybody sues us about everything.”