Washington Prison Phone Justice

The Washington Prison Phone Justice Campaign demands an end to the unjust costs of telephone calls from Washington prisons, jails and other detention facilities.

The Federal Communications Commission will be issuing a notice for public comment.  Get the latest update and learn how to stay involved.


Washington Prisoners Petition FCC to Lower Interstate Costs

Apr 23, 2013 | by admin

WA prisoners, families and advocates submitted comments to the FCC regarding the Wright Petition to cap the cost of interstate prison phone calls.

Thousands have submitted filings to the FCC, sharing their stories about how they’ve been impacted by the high cost of prison telephone calls. Washington prisoners, families of prisoners and other advocates have been active in the push.

Some highlights from WA:

“It costs me $30.00 for a single 20 minute call to my daughter…and with the sometimes faulty phone system that disconnects for no reason the phone money adds up quick.” – Duane R. Lynch, Washington State Prisoner

“Most prisoners I know have no money. There is no moral justification for charging obscene telephone rates.”
– John J Tollefsen, Attorney, Lynnwood, WA

“I find the in- and out-of-state telephone costs so burdensome on family members and myself that it has caused me to forgo previously healthy, loving and precious family relationships.” – William Jensen, Washington State Prisoner

“My family and I have been negatively affected beyond words due to our inability to communicate frequently via phone calls, and for a reasonable cost.” – John Casey, Washington State Prisoner

“[My family] didn’t know it was going to cost hundreds of dollars. They can’t afford that kind of money. I haven’t spoken to them [in three years].” – Corlito Cabana, Washington State Prisoner

“Our loved ones feel victimized by the D.O.C. and [the phone company] for the sky high phone rates that we are forced to pay. Our families are struggling enough financially.” – Alvin Jones, Washington State Prisoner

“These companies know that prisoners cannot choose or change companies.  The belief that prisoners have no rights seems to be one of the issues.”

“Our friends and family have to pay shockingly high prices to talk to us behind bars.”

“Once I entered WA DOC, my family and I could no longer afford…to maintain phone contact. An out of state phone call can be over $40.00 for 20 minutes.”

“The first year I was in prison my wife spent over $1,000 on the prison phone system.”

– David A Holmes, Washington State Prisoner

“I have paid thousands of dollars which I truly do not have to spare just to stay in contact with my loved ones. I have been manipulated by the phone company, lied to, stole from and extorted.”

“The prison phone system is a hardship and it tears families apart.”

– Barbara Willard, Family of Prisoner, Kelso, WA