New York Times editorial: “Why Keep the Old and Sick Behind Bars?”
by the New York Times Editorial Board, January 3, 2017 Anyone who visits a prison these days might be shocked to see what looks more like a nursing home with bars and metal detectors. Prisoners put away years ago under the wave of draconian sentencing are now turning gray and frail, suffering from heart disease […]
Updates from the Fight Against Toxic Prisons
From First, a huge thanks to the people who came out to the Civic Media Center earlier this month to help send a mass mailing from the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons out to over 500 prisoners across the country, specifically focused on follow-up with prisoner strike support (particularly in FL.) They day after […]
Ten organizations that are fighting mass incarceration and need your support
During this time of joy and celebration, millions of families are separated by mass incarceration.  One way to help is by donating to the nonprofits that fight to unite them. To get you started, we here at Nation Inside thought we’d highlight some particularly dynamic grassroots groups. If you’re looking to make tax-deductible donations before […]
Complaints launched over toxic conditions at Texas’ Eastham Unit prison
The Texas prison system, known as TDCJ, has become a litmus test for dealing with toxic environmental conditions for prisoners. Earlier this year, prisoners from the Wallace Pack unit and their advocates on the outside succeeded in compelling a judge to order clean water to people held in that facility, which has faced years of […]
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Michigan: Time Piece – December 28, 2013
Michigan has always been home to a number of bustling American enterprises, including the prison industry. Each year, the state’s correctional facilities take on 50 to 60,000 more “felons,” in a process that seems as endless as it is overwhelming. In this episode, we visit with those most likely to be able to explain it […]
California: Disguised as a Poem – December 28, 2013
Long before the term La Vida Loca became a song hook for early-aught pop star Ricky Martin, in Los Angeles California, it denoted a lifestyle.The crazy life was a life of partying and death, liquor and drivebys, funerals and sex— in essence, the modus operandi of the gangbanger. Inviting us into his San Fernando Valley […]
Louisiana: No Longer Invisible – December 28, 2013
We take to the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana to ask folks about their connection to the criminal justice system. In the state of Louisiana, one in 86 adults are in prison and one in 55 adults are in jail, leading some to refer to Louisiana as the incarceration capital of the world. But today, […]
Indiana: Etheridge Knight- December 28, 2013
We travel to Indianapolis, IN to explore the story of literary great Etheridge Knight, who published his first book, the soulful 1968 masterpiece “Poems from Prison,” while incarcerated at Indiana State Prison. Knight wrote as a prisoner, drug-addict and Korean War veteran. In this episode PPW explores the beauty and complexities of his work and […]
New York: Voices UnBroken – December 28, 2013
A poet famous for writing about the civil rights movement and for epitomizing black arts movement feminism, Sonia Sanchez passed through Attica’s gates 8 years after its legendary 1971 uprising. Though she’d never been incarcerated herself, for several years, she’d been married to widely praised prison poet Etheridge Knight. As Sanchez took the stage for […]