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PLEASE SHARE, especially with incarcerated women, men and youth.

Do you, or you know someone that resides in Norfolk, VA? If so, please help RIHD correct sentencing errors of the past that remain uncorrected.

Virginia law states that every person is entitled to a fair trial and a fair sentence. Let’s ensure this happens by passing fair sentence laws and remedying past sentence errors/injustices. Be the voice for the voiceless.

We need both bills patron/sponsored on the House Delegate aisle. Call, visit and/or email Delegate Joseph Lindsey asking him to re-introduce HB1312 AND HB1314.

HB 1312 (2018) Sentencing guidelines; appeals. Introduced by: Joseph C. Lindsey

Sentencing guidelines; appeals. Allows a court’s departure from the discretionary sentencing guidelines to be reviewable on appeal, provided that the court failed to file the required written explanation of such departure and the sentence imposed exceeded the maximum of the sentencing guidelines range by more than 12 months. The bill provides that the appellate court reviewing the sentence shall (i) determine whether there exists evidence of potential bias by the court that imposed the sentence and (ii) if such evidence is found, review the sentence for abuse of discretion.###

HB 1314 (2018) Parole; exception to limitation on the application of parole statutes. (FISHBACK)
Introduced by: Joseph C. Lindsey.

Parole; exception to limitation on the application of parole statutes. Provides that a person is entitled to parole who was sentenced by a jury prior to the date of the Supreme Court of Virginia decision in Fishback v. Commonwealth, 260 Va. 104 (June 9, 2000), in which the Court held that a jury should be instructed on the fact that parole has been abolished, for a noncapital felony committed prior to the time that the abolition of parole went into effect (January 1, 1995).###

Let Delegate Joseph C. Lindseyoffice know you are ready, willing and able to volunteer to pass fair sentence laws.

Delegate Joseph C. Lindsey. In-session address:  Pocahontas Building, Room W225. 900 East Main Street. Richmond, Virginia 23219. (804) 698-1090. email:

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