Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

The "Campaign for Prison Phone Justice" is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.

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Prison Phone Justice Victory in TX! What’s next?
While its been looking dismal in a federal realm, news from the Prison Phone Justice front in Texas may be an indication of changes bubbling up at the state leve
FCC Hangs up on Prisoner Families
Federal regulators no longer are pressing to cut the costs of most prison phone calls, backing away from a years-long effort to limit charges imposed by a handful of private companies on inmates and their families.
FCC Field Hearing Attempts to Focus Prison Phone Conversation on Contraband CellPhones
After voting against comprehensive reform of the prison telephone industry, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is turning his focus to contraband cellphones in correctional facilities.
New FCC Rate Caps in Effect - Let the FCC Know if You are Being Overcharged!
New FCC Rate Caps went into effect for calls from state and federal prison systems on March 17th. Most ancillary fees from all detention facilities were also banned, and those that remain were capped. Detailed information regarding current rates and fees, as well as information on how to file a complaint with the FCC if you are being overcharged can be accessed at:
Hall of Shame
A group of state Attorneys General can't get their hands out of prisoner family pockets.
Justice Delayed: Campaign Responds to Court’s Stay
Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Cir­­­cuit granted a partial stay requested by the telecommunications companies effectively delaying last year’s Order by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the prison phone industry.
Prison Phone Court Action - Lower Rates Still Coming
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued a partial stay this morning preventing the full force of the FCC's inmate calling caps from going into effect.
Virginia DOC lowers prison phone rates to under $0.05/Min!
The Human Rights Defense Center (HRDC) filed a Comment with the FCC notifying them of the Virginia DOC's prison phone rate of $0.0409 for all calls effective December 1, 2015.
Hang-Up on Private Prison Phone Profits
The FCC’s order was in response to the Wright Petition – a petition for rulemaking filed by Washington, D.C. resident Martha Wright, who challenged the high phone rates she had to pay to accept calls from her incarcerated grandson.
FCC Votes To Cut High Cost Of Prisoners’ Calls
The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, led by the Human Rights Defense Center, Center for Media Justice, and Nation Inside along with a team of allies, prisoners, and, most importantly, prisoner family members--- won a major victory for prison phone justice today!
To Protect and Serve?
It's time for those charged to "protect and serve" to step up.
Breaking: Prison Phone Justice
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has been leading the phone justice fight for years, and we need to show her support!
Answer the call for Prison Phone Justice
We need you to join the fight for prison phone justice.
Time sensitive: Virginia prison phone justice
Urgent action need to support Virginia prison phone bill.
FCC Lays Groundwork for More Curbs on Prisoner Call Rates
Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in a long-standing proceeding to reduce the cost of phone calls made from prisons, jails and other detention facilities.
Profits Off Love
This video shows the impact the cost of prison phone calls has on families. We're standing up for Washington Families - join us.
Judge Won’t Toss Class Action Over Cost of Prisoners-Calls
A company that provides phone service to prison inmates has lost its bid to dismiss a putative class action over its rates in Newark federal court, but the case has been stayed while the plaintiffs pursue an administrative remedy with the Federal Communications Commission.
Families fight for phone justice in Dallas County
This morning Texas CURE & the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice will deliver almost 2500 signature telling Dallas County to not eliminate in person visitation by installing video visitation only system by Securus.
American Securities Puts Prison-Phone Operator GTL on Block
The largest U.S. operator of prison phones, Global Tel*Link Corp. is up for sale.
New FCC Rates Take Effect. Here’s What You Need To Know
For over ten years a coalition of organizations and individuals has been asking the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) to lower the cost of calling prison, jail or detention centers. Our network, the Media Action Grassroots Network was at the forefront of the fight through our work in the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice. Together along with our allies last August we finally won! The FCC set new lower rates which take effect February 2014.
Press Statement: Families and Advocates of Prisoners Applaud FCC’s Denial of Petitions for Stay
On Thursday November 21, 2013 the Federal Communications Commission denied a petition by two of the biggest prison telephone operators, Securus and Global Tel Link, and their request for a stay on the implementation of the FCC’s order on lower long distance phone rates from correctional facilities across the country.
Video of FCC vote on Prison Phone Rates
Watch the Federal Communications Commission take the historic vote. (starts at 40:00)
From Bethany Fraser’s statement to the FCC…
Today at the FCC.
FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Passes Resolution on Prison Phones
On August 2nd, 2013 the FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee passed a resolution recommending the FCC ensure prison calls are reasonable and address the unique impact of phone rates to disable prisoners.
The Vote is Here. Be a Witness for Prison Phone Justice
After more than 10 years of delayed justice, the Federal Communications Commission will finally take a vote to reduce prison phone rates.
TN Prison Phone Calls Pricey for Families, Profitable for State
Article in the
Statement from FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn
Unofficial announcement on proposed reform of Interstate Inmate Calling Regime.
FCC Moves to Cut Prison Phone Rates
FCC Moves to Cut Prison Phone Rates
Wrong Number: Overcharging Prisoners Is Not Good Public Policy
Editorial on Prison Phones in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
NAACP Passes Resolution on Prison Phone Rates
At the 104th National Conference last week, the NAACP passes resolution in support of FCC reform to prison phone rates.
Video: FCC Workshop on Reforming Inmate Calling Services Rates
Held July 10th, this video cover the Federal Communications Commission workshop on prison phone rates.
Live Blog: FCC Prison Phones Workshop
Steven Renderos from the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice providing live updates from the FCC's workshop on Prison Phones
Campaign for Prison Phone Justice Statement on FCC’S Prison Phone Calls Workshop
Some commissioners have vowed to ensure that the families that have been fighting for over a decade for prison phone justice have resolution this year. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told families today the following: "When a decision comes before me, I want to be able to vote it first, I want to be able to vote it fast."
FCC Calls for Workshop on Phone Rates
On July 10th Answer the Call for #PhoneJustice and join us in D.C. and online.
Prisoners Respond to Call for Prison Phone Justice; SCI-Huntington Delivers!
Between July 2012 and June 2013, prisoners submitted or signed on to 1,754 letters or comments filed with the FCC regarding the Wright Petition!
The Letters Keep Coming
The Wright Petition conversation continues on the FCC's public docket
Virginians Applaud DOC Director Clarke for Supporting Fair Rates
VA's DOC Director asked the FCC to lower phone call costs and Virginians responded.
Sign this Mothers Day Letter to the FCC
Join the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, Free Press and Strong Families as we deliver a Mother's Day message to the FCC.
Update: FCC Public Comments Period Over
“I understand the need for security, but there is no need for high (phone) rates to maintain that security.” – Charlie, prisoner in Iowa.
National Conference on Media Reform: Prison Phones Panel
Listen to the audio from the Prison Phones workshop at the National Conference on Media Reform.
Wright Petition on the Move: Prisoners, Families, Campaign Allies Comment by the Thousands
In a few short weeks, thousands of individuals and organizations filed comments with the FCC concerning the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on the Wright Petition.
Campaign for Prison Phone Justice Submits Comments to the FCC
Campaign for Prison Phone Justice and a broad range of voices across the political spectrum submitted comments to the FCC in support of prison phone rate reductions.
Dear Secretary Dortch: 200 Prisoners and Counting Submit FCC Comments
With one week until the March 25 deadline, 200 prisoners and 100 others have submitted comments to the FCC regarding the "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" on the Wright Petition.
March 12: Support Prison Phone Justice in Maryland
On March 12, support prisoners and families by attending a hearing for phone justice in Maryland. Testify to lend your voice to the cause.
“The Other Wright Claim” Hits the Docket
A mother submits a powerful comment to the FCC, and so can you!
Prison Phone Justice Advocates Tell Commissioner Clyburn: The Time is Now
On Friday February 1st, 60 people attended a public hearing on prison telephone rates in New York City co-hosted by Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice.
Rainbow PUSH & Campaign for Prison Phone Justice Co-Host Public Hearing
A reminder that tomorrow, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice are co-hosting a public hearing, on Feb. 1st, in New York City on the high cost of prison telephone calls.
Campaign Receives Digital Media Pioneer for Social Justice Award
The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice is honored to receive this award alongside Mrs. Martha Wright and Ava DuVernay
The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice Is on the Move
A phone justice victory in Cook County, IL is a victory for all
Louisiana Lowers Prison Phone Rates For Families
“Sheriffs and prison officials are taking the phone money “out of the hides of the poorest of the poor” - Chairman Foster Campbell
Action Alert: Louisiana Phone Rates
Action Alert: Louisiana Phone Rates
The Most Vulnerable Children of Louisiana Jacked by Telecommunication Companies
I just spoke with Kalia's* mother this morning. Here is the story. Her Mom cannot afford the high-cost and additional fees of phone calls to allow her daughter to speak with her incarcerated father
New York Times Takes A Stand on Prison Phone Justice
New York Times editorial urges the FCC to pass the Wright Petition and charge reasonable rates for prison phone calls.