Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

The "Campaign for Prison Phone Justice" is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.

Statement from FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn

Jul 30, 2013 | by admin

Unofficial announcement on proposed reform of Interstate Inmate Calling Regime.

Originally posted:

“After ten long years, I’m proud to share with my colleagues a proposal to reform the exorbitant interstate inmate calling regime. For too long, the high cost of long-distance calls from prisoners to their loved ones across state lines has chronically impacted parents and children, especially among low-income families. Multiple studies have shown that meaningful contact beyond prison walls can make a real difference in maintaining community ties, promoting rehabilitation, and reducing recidivism. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure the costs of
interstate inmate calling service phone calls are reasonable.”