Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

The "Campaign for Prison Phone Justice" is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.

Time sensitive: Virginia prison phone justice

Jan 15, 2015 | by admin

Urgent action need to support Virginia prison phone bill.

We need you to to make a call for phone justice.  Our friends in Richmond have reported that key legislators have not heard from the public.  The vote is tommorow morning.  You can call 24/7 and leave a message on their anwering machines, but it has to go in before they meet Thursday morning.

Here is who we need to call in support of HB414.  A script is below.  Please make the call and stand for phone justice for all families.  Let us know you called by email:

Cline (Chairman), Del. Ben       (804) 698-1024

Edmunds, Delegate James        (804) 698-1060

Wilt, Delegate Tony                    (804) 698-1026

O’Quinn, Delegate Isreal            (804) 698-1005

Head, Christopher                       (804) 698-1017

Fillercorn, Eileen                         (804) 698-1041

Surovell, Scott                               (804) 698-1044

I’m calling to support HB414.  As a resident of Virginia and one of your constituents, I request your support for phone rate fairness for prisoners and their families.  I am convinced that adding additional financial burdens to prisoners and their families is an impediment to maintaining the family bond; it discourages communications within families. The state should be in the business of advancing all that strengthens families and makes for safe communities.