Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

The "Campaign for Prison Phone Justice" is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.

Join a National Day of Action

Jun 18, 2012 | by admin

Update: On Wednesday, June 20th we flooded the FCC with phone calls demanding the passage of the Wright Petition. We still need your support.

Update: If you are coming to the campaign after June 20th, or the FCC line is closed for the evening, please DO call them in when they are open again. (M-F 8:30-5:30EST) Please report out at the link found below. The national day of action was a huge success thanks to folks like yourself. Please make the call. – Prison Phone Justice Campaign team

For 2.7 million children who have a parent in prison or detention center, they’ll only be able to deliver that message through an expensive phone call.

The Federal Communications Commission can stop predatory prison phone pricing and corporate kickbacks by passing the “Wright Petition” which would lower prison phone rates nationwide.

Demonstrate your solidarity with families facing our country’s high rates of incarceration. For Father’s Day, we are partnering with the United Church of Christ’s media justice ministry on a national call in day Wednesday June 20th.

Join us by:

1) Calling the FCC. Dial 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322). You will need to press 4 and then press 0 to speak to an agent. Tell them you are calling as part of “Right to Call Home” Campaign. Here’s a script:

“It is costing me pennies to call you, but it would be cheaper to call Singapore on a cell phone than to call my father for in prison. Please end this practice. Grant the Wright petition in docket 96-128 and adopt final rules by Thanksgiving, so everyone can communicate with the ones they love.”

Please feel free to add your own comments as well.

2) Tell us you called here:

For telling us you called you will receive a free link to the award-winning documentary film UP THE RIDGE, which explores rural and urban relations through the lens of Wallens Ridge State Prison.

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