Challenging Incarceration

The Challenging Incarceration Mission

The system of incarceration in New York continues to destroy people, families, and
communities. We are a growing statewide, multi-campaign, multi-issue collective that aims to:

1) End Mass Incarceration;
2) Promote Community Empowerment;
3) End State Violence and Torture; and
4) End Structural Racism and all Intersectional Identity-Based Oppression in New York while protecting the rights of Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, and Native people; women; immigrants; LGBTI people; impoverished and working class people; people with mental health needs; and all people of our great city and state.




October 21, 2017 –  12 to 2:00 PM. At this meeting, members of the coalition and community will have a monthly strategizing meeting. All are welcome. Feel free to bring snacks if you can!

625 West 140th street, 11th floor, New York, NY 10031


Challenging Incarceration Stories Lorenzo Still Jr

Mar 17, 2017 | by Nation Inside team
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