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Short Sentence Becomes Death Sentence
Global Warming Heats Up Prisons
Recently, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Accords, and that’s a devastating blow to international efforts to slow global warming through environmental protections. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors to file harsher charges against federal offenders, even if they’ve been accused of low level nonviolent […]
Don’t Stop Believin’
One way prisons cause catastrophic harm is by adversely impacting the health of the incarcerated and their families, forcing an already economically burdened population to sink deeper into poverty and isolation. A state representative in Florida deserves plaudits for trying to help. Representative David Richardson has been taking on a privately run women’s prison in […]
Written with Love & Shredded with Malice
The Virginia Department of Corrections' new policy will see all incoming mail (photos included) photocopied for delivery to inmates and the original mail shredded.
FCC Hangs up on Prisoner Families
Federal regulators no longer are pressing to cut the costs of most prison phone calls, backing away from a years-long effort to limit charges imposed by a handful of private companies on inmates and their families.
Challenging Incarceration Stories: Farah Ly
Every mother...has the right to fair and equal health care. - Farah Ly
Challenging Incarceration Stories: Eddie Rosario
I want to fight the mindset that creates mass incarceration. - Eddie Rosario
Challenging Incarceration Stories: James
If the people on the inside start working...you can starve the beast. - James
Challenging Incarceration Stories Sofia
Challenging Incarceration Stories Victor Pate