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Covid Clemency Caravan to DC for February 1st National Freedom Day
Find the updated event link here.
Feb 1st #NationalFreedomDay Organizing and Media Toolkit 
[This is a working document. Email info@NationInside.org for suggestions.] CLICK HERE FOR THE NEWER, UPDATED TOOLKIT The primary FB event page for news and updates is here. Please start engagement by inviting your contacts into this event so that they are getting updates and notifications as they come in. Sample messages for texts and emails: […]
State Repression, Criminalizing Dissent and COVID-19 Exposure in Bradford County Jail
Interview with Dami Feral, of the COVID-19 Hotline for Incarcerated People, who was arrested at December 6 FSP Noise Demo #ForKarenSmith Tell me about the demonstration and why you were there? The purpose of the demonstration was to bring attention to the dangerous and inhumane conditions in Florida jails, prisons, and detention centers. Nearly a […]
COVID Clemency Call to Action on February 1st “Freedom Day”
[UPDATES: Check out the Feb 1st COVID Clemency Caravan and Day of Action organizing and media kit to start plugging in; use the event page in this link to invite your network and communicate with others. Can’t make it to DC? Check out this call for decentralized actions] ————————————————————- As a new administration enters the White […]
Families Left in the Dark During Tennessee Prison Outbreak
When South Central Correctional Facility was exposed to COVID-19 through a staff dentist, Sara worried for her husband's health and safety. As she learned about the lack of testing, medical care, information, and safety, she began fearing for her husband's life. Sara calls on the Tennessee Department of Corrections to be more transparent and to provide information to its inmates about their medical conditions.
How Do They Replace Electrolytes…?
from the parent of a prisoner in Eastern WA Whether you are a participant or spectator of amateur and/or professional sports, you have likely seen a championship winning team pour Gatorade on a coach’s head. Or, during the game, match, or race – you may have seen an athlete drinking her or his Gatorade, Powerade, […]
Growing a Coalition to Stop The Heat
Merging Movements to Bring Climate Justice, Abolish ICE and End Prison Slavery TAKE ACTION NOW! Larry McCollum was supposed to return home to his family after serving a two-year sentence for passing a bad check. Instead, he died of heatstroke in Hutchins State Jail near Dallas, Texas. McCollum spent his last moments trapped in an […]
Global Warming Heats Up Prisons
Recently, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Accords, and that’s a devastating blow to international efforts to slow global warming through environmental protections. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors to file harsher charges against federal offenders, even if they’ve been accused of low level nonviolent […]
Don’t Stop Believin’
One way prisons cause catastrophic harm is by adversely impacting the health of the incarcerated and their families, forcing an already economically burdened population to sink deeper into poverty and isolation. A state representative in Florida deserves plaudits for trying to help. Representative David Richardson has been taking on a privately run women’s prison in […]
Written with Love & Shredded with Malice
The Virginia Department of Corrections' new policy will see all incoming mail (photos included) photocopied for delivery to inmates and the original mail shredded.