Challenging Incarceration

The Challenging Incarceration Mission

The system of incarceration in New York continues to destroy people, families, and
communities. We are a growing statewide, multi-campaign, multi-issue collective that aims to:

1) End Mass Incarceration;
2) Promote Community Empowerment;
3) End State Violence and Torture; and
4) End Structural Racism and all Intersectional Identity-Based Oppression in New York while protecting the rights of Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, and Native people; women; immigrants; LGBTI people; impoverished and working class people; people with mental health needs; and all people of our great city and state.




October 21, 2017 –  12 to 2:00 PM. At this meeting, members of the coalition and community will have a monthly strategizing meeting. All are welcome. Feel free to bring snacks if you can!

625 West 140th street, 11th floor, New York, NY 10031


Challenging Incarceration Stories: Jack Davis

Mar 17, 2017 | by Nation Inside team

What does mass incarceration prove, nothing.- Jack

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