Jobs Not Jails

Together, we are building the infrastructure to engage thousands of people in a campaign to stop $2 billion of prison construction, and re-direct those funds into creating good jobs for people in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods.

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Take Action In the Last Remaining Days
The Legislature will meet this Saturday and Sunday, marking the last formal sessionsĀ of the 2015-2016 session. These bills passed the Senate and are pending in the House so calls to your state representatives asking them to ask Speaker DeLeo to schedule these bills for a vote duri...
Your action needed: State Budget
Time sensitive: we need YOU to take action on the state budget to ensure successful reentry for folks returning from jails and prisons. Act now!

UPDATE: It passed the Senate at $500,000 instead of $2 million. Not all that we wanted, but a first step. We'll put another alert in early June when the House and Senate have to rectify their budgets with one another.

Senate Budget Amendment S761 is in limbo right now, and we need to make it move. The amendment would allocate $2 million to fund jobs and job training for formerly incarcerated people and court involved youth. The Senate bundled amendments into 3 piles: Yes, No and Held. The good news is it didn't go to the No pile; it's in the held pile.

Please contact your Senators and Senate Leadership and also have your members call to let them know how important this amendment is for formerly incarcerated people and court involved youth to have access to jobs and job training.

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