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RMV License Reinstatement Information for Persons with Prior Drug Convictions

May 16, 2016 | by Rachel Corey

We passed the RMV bill! Now here are the nuts and bolts of how to reinstate your license.

On March 30, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker signed a new law which repeals the automatic suspension of drivers licenses for certain drug offenses and eliminates the $500 license reinstatement fee for all drug convictions. Furthermore, starting in October 2016, driving records will no longer contain certain drug offense information. And, these driving records will also no longer contain expired warrant and child support obligation information.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has created a pamphlet. Find in the attached document how to reinstate your license and more information.

If you're having difficulty reinstating your license, please let us know:

Lew Finfer, (617) 470-2912,

Rachel Corey, 617-807-0111,